Youth Winter League




8-12 teams per division | 5th-8th grade Boys and Girls

13 games total:
10 game season w/ 5 home games and 5 away games.  seeding and playoff tournament at the end of the regular season

Teams would be paired to keep league games as competitive for all teams as possible.

Home team responsibilities:

  • Send the league dates and times your home gym is available for use
  • Home team will be responsible to staff score keepers and clock
  • Would receive ALL door and concession money for their individual programs
  • Send in scores at the end of the night to the league.
  • Participating teams would have access to a gym where they would be able to host 5 home games during the week.

League would give every participating program (5) opportunities (home games) to fund raise money for their individual programs. So instead of paying $700 and receiving nothing back, you would pay $599 for league fee but collect door and concession stand money during all home games.

League Fee $599:

  • Covers officials for all games
  • We will make the schedule for all teams
  • League Website (standings updates, player of the week and season game schedule)
  • End of the season 1 day tournament 3 game Guarantee (prizes, officials, setup)