Tournament Rules
1. National High School Federation rules will be followed with the few exceptions listed below:
2. 8th-H.S divisions will be played in two 16-minute stop clock halves. All other Divisions will play a 14 Minute Stop clock halves. Except if team is up by 15pts or more at anytime in the final 10 minutes the clock will continue to run until it gets back under 15pts.
3. 30 sec shot clocks (H.S grade only). Shot Clock Rules
4. Each player will be allowed a total of six fouls before being disqualified.
5. There will be a minimum three (3) minute warm-up and two (2) minute break between halves.
6. Teams will be allowed to call (2) full timeouts per Half.
7. Intentional and technical fouls will result in an automatic two points and ball out of bounds.
8. 1st overtime is 2 minutes, 2nd and following overtimes are 1 minute. One thirty second timeout per OT, no carry over of timeouts from regulation or other overtimes.
9.  A player can play on on two different teams as long as they are in different divisions and meet the age requirements.
10. There is no dunking allowed during pre-game or halftime warm-ups.
11. Home team is listed first in pool play games and at the bottom of bracket play and will wear light color.
12. Seeding from each pool will be determined by win-loss record in pool play. In case of ties, head to head determines seed. If 2or3 teams are tied, a point system comes into effect to determine the seeds of the pool. There is a maximum of +/-15 point per game. All games in pool play are included in figuring point system. In case 3 teams are still tied, the least amount of points allowed in pool play will determine the higher seed. In case there is still a tie, a coin toss will determine seeding.
Tournament Directors will have the final say regarding any disputes.