Tournament Rules

  • 7th-High School divisions will be played in two 16-minute stop clock halves.
  • 3rd-6th Grade will be played with 22 minute running time halves (stop time last 2-minutes if within 10 points)
  • Shot Clock Rules 30 sec for boys /35 sec shot clock for girls (H.S Games only)
  • Halftime will be no more than 2 minutes
  • Time-outs: Three (3) 30 second timeouts per game. Each team will receive (1) thirty second timeout per overtime. Clock STOPS on all time-outs. 
  • When the difference in score is 15 points or more at any time in the final 10 minutes the clock will continue to run: 
  • NO FULL COURT PRESS 25 points or more. Second violation will result in a team technical foul. Full court press can be resumed if the score differential is reduced to 19 or less. 
  • Overtime: the first & 2nd overtime period will be a 2 minute stop clock. The third overtime will be sudden death, the first team to score 2 FT or a field goal. Overtimes will start with a jump ball.
  • Five personal fouls constitute a disqualification in all divisions except when a team has only five remaining players (see no foul out rule). No Foul Out Rule: Players can foul out during a game except when a team has only five remaining eligible players. When left with only 5 players, on their sixth foul an administrative technical foul will be issued, resulting in 2 shots and the ball. Additionally, any resulting free throws from the foul will be attempted as in normal game play

Technical Fouls

  • the opposing team receives two (2) free throws and possession of the ball. Two technical fouls by a single player will result in that player being ejected from the game. Ejected players must meet with the Event Director prior to being eligible to participate in additional games. It is the responsibility of the player to contact the Event Director to reestablish eligibility.

Free Throw Bonus

  • One and one will be attempted at seven team fouls per half. Double Bonus – two shots will be attempted at ten team fouls per half.


Bring your own basketballs. No balls will be given out during the event. 

  • Boys 6th grade and below | a 28.5 inch basketball will be used for all games. 
  • Boys 7th grade and above | a regulation men’s size basketball will be used for all games.
  • Girls & Women | a 28.5 inch basketball will be used for all games.


Please have your teams clean up under your benches after your game is over. We thank you for your help in keeping our facility clean. 


All players must wear a uniform or jersey with a visible number. All jerseys should be the same color and in good taste. If a shirt is worn under the uniform, it must be of a similar color.
Home team is listed first in pool play games and at the bottom of bracket play and will wear light color uniforms.


NO PROTESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. All questions concerning the enforcement of rules will be interpreted by the referees and Event Commissioner, and their decision will be FINAL.


Any equipment that may cause injury to a participant of the game is not permitted. Items such as rings, watches, earrings, and plaster casts are not allowed and braces must be cleared through game officials. 

The actions of game officials shall be accepted as unbiased and made to the best of their ability. Coaches and players will refrain from any overt actions of disapproval, whether by gesture or in voice. Each game is conducted without verbal and physical abuse from other coaches, players and spectators toward coaches, players and officials on the court. Officials may stop the game if the situation warrants such action. The violating team will forfeit the game. The use of abusive language and profanity by coaches, players and spectators is prohibited at all times. Belittling, shouting and trash talking at players in a hostile manner is also prohibited. The use of drugs, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are prohibited at all times. ABSOLUTELY NO FIGHTING!

NO Outside Food or Drink. Water only.