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One and Done Tournaments

One and Done basketball tournaments is about giving your time back to you.  No more spending all weekend in a gym and having to pay twice to watch your child play.  Here we will only have one day competitive events.  Helping lower the price for programs and parents .

Coaches-We understand  you want competitive games for your team.  This is why we have created Northwest Rankings for you to see the teams that are close to your skill level.  We want to do our best to avoid blow out games.  We believe our ranking system will provide a competitive atmosphere for all skill levels. When games are competitive everyone wins!

Parents-You are the reason one and done tournaments came about.  We see so many parents spending there whole weekend in a gym.  Now you have a Tournament that is on your side. When participating in our tournaments, you will only have one day to be in the gym.  Giving you some of your time back to do other things.  This will also be cheaper then two day tournaments as the cost is less and only one day of admission fees to pay for.  Less is more!

Player-There are a lot of factors that go into becoming a great player.  Most player would like to go on to play in college or in the pros. How you spend your time is very important.  Playing in games is just one aspect of your development.  Our one and Done Tournaments are designed for you to be able to play your games one day and focus on a different aspect of success the next day.  We want to encourage kids to be Student-Athletes!

DATE:  Sept 25th, Oct 9th, Oct 23rd, Nov 6th
Portland Metro Area-Area

  • 4th-H.S Grade only
  • 3 Game Guarantee
  • Boys & Girls
  • Organized, Advanced Scheduling
  • Online Results and Updates on App
  • Price: $250 (multi team discounts available)


  • Even Level Competition
  • Team  Awards
  • Multiple Divisions, Boys & Girls
  • Certified Officials
  • Food and Beverage On-Site

$7 Adults
$5 Children 7-18
Kids 6 and under are free
* two coaches & scorekeeper per team will be allowed in for free

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