Elite 8

Power Ranking Tournament
March 7-8th 2020




  • Players may NOT play on multiple teams – regardless of Divisions
  • First team (Home) listed will wear white/light colored jerseys – unless both teams agree differently
  • Players are disqualified on their 5th foul of a game
  • Start each game at scheduled time. 3 minute warm-up if the tournament is behind schedule
  • 16 minute stop clock halves
  • 3 minute halftime
  • Running clock the last 5 minutes of a game when the lead is 20 points, or more (game can move in and out of running clock based on lead)
  • Coaches receive 3 – 1 minute timeouts per game. Timeouts do NOT carry over into OT games
  • Full court-press is NOT allowed when the lead is 20 points, or more



  • Tie Breaker for Pool finishes (in this order):
  1. Head to head winner
  2. Point Differential – maximum 20 points per game
  3. Total Points Allowed
  4. Total Points Scored
  5. Coin Toss


  • Overtime:
  1. Jump ball at the beginning of each OT
  2. 1 timeout per team
  3. 1st overtime = 2 minutes
  4. 2nd overtime = last 1 minute
  5. 3rd overtime = 1st basket wins

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